Remembering / 1987 -1993

Only when habitus and some emotion mirrored in the face of the people I met on the streets had punctured my fear, I did overcome my inhibitions to establish contact and to take some photographs.

1989, directly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I started travelling to Eastern Germany, soon to become part of the country I was born to. All I had with me was a sleeping bag and my camera. I slept at odd places, got up early because of the morning cold, and tried to capture what I saw, because I knew, it would be gone soon.

As so often, my intuitive reactions were stronger than the concept I had in mind.
Instead of photographing that what was and soon wouldn´t be anymore, I made portraits of children that reflected a part of me and my childhood that I by then had put firmly aside.

My photographs were reminiscent of a time that was yesteryear already in the moment I took them.
I didn´t photograph the present; I photographed my past, as it might have been. I photographed in a country that was closer in look and feel to my Hungarians roots than the country I was born in, the country that I had been growing up.

1987 -1993